Our Children, Celebrating life, culture, and traditions while learning Farsi 


   About Us


Borna is a Farsi language School and cultural house that offers various language and Cultural services including but not limited to Farsi classes, Art Classes, and number of different Workshops.

Our language instruction is divided into three different categories, which includes:  Basic, Elementary, and Advanced level in speaking writing and reading.

As a cultural house, we honor the Iranian/ Persian culture and are committed to keep it alive by introducing it to our new generation. 

celebrating several of our Persian traditions by involving our students in the preparations of those events throughout the year not only will help us to achieve this goal but it also encourages our language goals. During these cultural practices, our students are motivated and encouraged to participate in our language abilities...






        Art and Language 

           Summer Camp


           Our outdoor Summer camp

             is now open for registration



    Duration:                     3 weeks  

          First Week:               Jun 14- Jun 18  


          Second Week:        Jun 21-  Jun 25

          Third Week:             Jun 28 - July 2


    Age group:                 6 years old and up


 After a year of isolation for our children, is now time for fun socializing, play, creativity, dance, and Arts.  Our Art activities are included but not limited to most of Borna's Art workshops.  All of our activities due to the States safety majors will be held outdoor.  We have been working to provide our students with a safe and comfortable environment.  Any concerns and/or questions? Please feel free to contact us.  

 School Reopening 


In compliance with the  state of California, CDC, and new rules and regulations regarding the reopening of schools, Borna is happy to announce its return to an in-person learning starting by an outdoor summer camp of Arts and Language.  

The safety of our students and their families is Borna's first priority,  consideration, and commitment when it comes to any planing for the full re-opening of our school. 

   Check Out our new    educational  workshop

          for Parents 

 Registration for fall and Spring     classes are now open



FALL 2021- Spring 2022



A total of 15 classes will be offered in fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters.

Offered classes:  





Age group:          

3- 6    years old 

6 year old and up

September starting date:  September13-2021

Spring starting date:  To be Announced


Khoshhalo Shado Kandanam


  If your children don't learn the way we teach,  we teach them the way they learn


Our Vision 

At Borna, we seek a high quality education from an objective perspective, and provide our students with an objectively high education and maintain an emotionally and physical safe, nurturing, and optimum educational environment to guarantee their safety and success. 



Our mission and vision as an educational center is to inspire the passion for learning the........




Our Mission 

We strongly believe that providing our students with the language skills can be a bridge to our rich and colorful Persian culture.

Teaching our students and motivating them to learn Farsi in the most compelling and powerfully irresistible way is our school’s primary aim. 

While focusing on general educational goals in our school, we aim to cultivate the unique potential in each student by identifying and focusing on each.....


We teach a variety of Subjects 


Our Activities 


Farsi Classes 

Our Farsi courses include; Reading, Speaking, Writing, and Listening.  Students will improve their language skills in basic, intermediate, and advanced level. In order to determine which level each students should register there will be an assessment session after registration for each individual.....To learn more check out our Farsi classes page.To register, simply school down the page and fill out the registration form.


On line Classses 

Our online activities covers  a variety of subjects. All of our Services including Farsi classes, classes, workshops, Art classes, cultural studies, and cultural events such as celebrations will be offered and held in an on-line form until the Schools re-opening.  Then, in- person learning will be resumed in our school.   To learn more about our online classes click on the link below. To register, simply school down the page and fill out the registration form.



Our workshops are semester based workshops that may vary in subject in each semester. The duration for each workshop is 10 weeks. The offering of each workshop in the future semester depends to the number of attendance and their interest in the subject. We currently offer Music, singing, story writing, and dancing workshops.  For further information about or workshops, please click on the below link 


Private Toturing

Private touring is not beneficial for every one. in order to get motivated,  some students need to be in the group.  But there are some other students who  different needs and goal.  Based on out experience, some of our students need a more personal attention, time, and a more spicific teaching method that has been designed only for them. Parents can determine this based on their children schedule, their language skills, and or simply their learning goals. In either case, we would encourage you to consult with us to choose a method that is the best for your child.  We committed to satisfy your needs.  The private touring is also available for adults who are interested in learning Farsi.....  


Parents Workshop

Parents workshop is one of our new workshops that has ben designed for parents to educate them about the techniques they can use in their daily lives in order to be a part of their children's language learning process. We provide them with skills that will assist them and will be beneficial to them and their children in long term....


Art Classes 

Art classes are the best way to encourage our bilingual students to learn Farsi while they are having Fun! 

Borna. currently offers four Art classes. These classes include Collage Art, Painting, Wood carving, and knitting. The Art classes have been identified as the best way to overcome online learning challenges For children who are still in the process of adopting to online learning..............

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To bring the memory of our years of journey together, we have made a collection of photos and videos from various events.  Some of our students are now grown ups and some of them even became out own's been a pleasure to see our student's life unfolding before our eye. We would like to share that pleasure with you.  



Borna believes that our children deserve and need to be rewarded and celebrated in their very special day. it will be a day when every one will celebrate them. Why not their classmate?  This can mean a lot to them if they have a day of fun and play among their classmates. Did you know we can work with you to make your child's Birthday  very special by trowing a birthday party for them at school or online? .   



Celebrating Persian traditions is an stablished pattern we have have been practicing over years. Our cultural celebrations for events such as Nooroz or Yalda is a good excuse to get our students involved in the most engaging way. We see their excitements when they participate in preparation, and we also see the direct impact it has on their enthusiasm for learning Farsi. For now, we continue with our traditions by gathering on-line. 


Our on-line classes in picture 

online Stydents learniung aboput seasons
farsi classes

A Window to Our Cultural Activities


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Borna Gives Back 


We do understand that these times are very demanding. it's been a very tough year not only for our students, entire educational system, and many parents whom faced  job loss or reduced working hours due to the covid-19 pandemic.  While we also faced various challenges in different regards at Borna, we managed to continue our educational activities during past year. We must acknowledge that without your help and your desire to keep our school alive, our survival would have been impossible. Now, we would like to show our commitment to our dedicated families.   Although are abilities are not as extended as we would like it to be, we would happily welcome assisting those parents who are facing difficulties.  Please feel free to get in touch and let us know how we can be any of help.

Parents Resources 


To better communicate with our parents and share our values and resources with them, we have build up a collection of Academic, social, physiological, educational, and children's safety resources that is all available in the web page we have dedicated to our parents in this website.  In this page you will be provided to the most recent news and articles regarding many subjects related to children's education, in general, and Bilingual Children's learning process, challenges, online safety, and the parent's role to over come these challenges, in specific. This page, will link you to the newest CDS and other health organization safety guideline on the pandemic. 

Executive note

“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them more likely to trust you.”

Remote education announcement. 

We would like to inform you that throughout the pandemic, we have been working in alliance with the CDC safety guideline to secure our student and their families safety and security.  As a result, all of our Language and Cultural classes/ activities in addition to all workshops and Art classes will be offered and held online and or by private tutoring session.  This situation will remain in effect until the further notice. Please feel free to consult with us if your children has a specific condition that would prevent them from joining us in our online remote education.  We miss you all and are looking forward to seeing you in person in the near future.