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About Us

At Borna Farsi school, we teach farsi classes to bilingual students using the most effective and up to date educational technology.    Borna is a Farsi language School and cultural house that offers various language and Cultural services including but not limited to Farsi classes, Art Classes, and number of different Workshops.

Our language instruction is divided into three different categories, which includes:  Basic, Elementary, and Advanced level in speaking writing and reading.

As a cultural house, we honor the Iranian/ Persian culture and are committed to keep it alive by introducing it to our new generation. 

celebrating several of our Persian traditions by involving our students in the preparations of those events throughout the year not only will help us to achieve this goal but it also encourages our language learning  goals. During these cultural practices, our students are motivated and encouraged to participate in our language abilities...

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Our Vision 

At Borna Farsi School, we seek a high quality education from an objective perspective, and provide our students with an objectively high education while maintaining an emotionally and physical nurturing /optimum educational environment to guarantee their safety and success. 



Our mission and vision as an educational center is to inspire the passion for learning the........



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Our Mission 

We strongly believe that providing our students with the language skills can be a bridge to our rich and colorful Persian culture.

Teaching our students and motivating them to learn Farsi in the most compelling and powerfully irresistible way is our school’s primary aim. 

While focusing on general educational goals in our school, we aim to cultivate the unique potential in each student by identifying and focusing on each individual student's  need and goal...

An overview of our Programs 


On line Classses 


Our online activities covers  a variety of subjects. All of our Services including Farsi classes, classes, workshops, Art classes, cultural studies, and cultural events such as celebrations will be offered and held in an on-line form until the Schools re-opening.  Then, in- person learning will be resumed in our school.   To learn more about our online classes click on the link below. To register, simply school down the page and fill out the registration form.



Dancing is one of the most exciting activities that children love and enjoy unconditionally. It's the purest form of expression.  For Spring 23  semester, we are still, actively,  registering for our dancing workshops.  The benefits of these classes are beyond the words. Dancing, as a social  activity, will stimulate all senses and fills children  with pure joye while creating vivid  memories for them. Our dancing workshop focuses on Modern and traditional persian dancing. 


Farsi Classes

Our Farsi courses include; Reading, Speaking, Writing, and Listening.  Students will improve their language skills in basic, intermediate, and advanced level. In order to determine which level each students should register there will be an assessment session after registration for each individual.....To learn more check out our Farsi classes page. 

To register, simply scroll down the page and fill out the registration form.



Celebrating Persian traditions is a established pattern that we have have been practicing over years. Our cultural celebrations for events such as Nooroz or Yalda is a good excuse to get our students involved in the most engaging way. We see their excitements when they participate in preparation, and we also see the direct impact it has on their enthusiasm for learning Farsi. 

Music Workshops


In general, our workshops includes  various types of Persian music instruments, singing, dancing, and story writing.  However, based on the requests we receive in each semester   we may offer all or some of the above mentioned workshops.  For the 2023 Fall Semester, we offer Music and dancing workshops.  Our Music workshops divided in to 6 category for Spring. These Categories include:  Daf- Ton-back- Piano, Sitar, Guitar, and Tar.. Each workshop duration is 15 sessions. Registration is still open. For more information contact us  Or simply click on the link to register. 

Art Classes


Art classes are the best way to encourage our bilingual students to learn Farsi while they are having Fun! Our Art classes, in general, includes Drawing, Collage, Painting, Wood carving, and creative knitting,  But for the Spring semester, we only offer Drawing, Painting, and Acrylic painting taught by professionals in field.  We encourage you to apply!  Any questions, clinck on the link below for further information or simply scroll down the page to apply......


Story Telling 

This class is designed  into two classes for Individual students, and students with their parents.  We believe writing doesn't fit in the box of age. So  students from all ages who have a story to tell are welcome.  We will have a training program for you. If you don't have a story to tell, Just bring yourself and we will go on a journey of discovery to find your story....the one that has been waiting to be told by you .....


Private toturing is not beneficial for every one. in order to get motivated,  some students need to be in the group.  But there are some other students who have different needs and goal.  Based on our experience, some of our students need a more personal attention, time, and a more spicific teaching method that has been designed only for them. Parents can determine this based on their children schedule, their language skills, and or simply their learning goals. In either case, we would encourage you to consult with us to choose a method that is the best for your child.  We arcommitted to satisfy your needs.  The private toturing is also available for adults who are interested in learning Farsi.....  

Borna students in action!

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        Fall Farsi classes 

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Reading provides students with a knowledge of the

variety of concepts, sentences, grammar, and also advances their vocabulary. 

While reading, students face new words that it would not normally used in the daily speaking language.  

Knowing these words for students is the key to a more meaningful self expiration in Farsi language as a better understanding of their surroundings. 

Our reading classes are  offered in three categories:

1- Basic




Before registeration,, we asses students language abilities to determine which level they should be placed in.  

Our speaking classes are held as followed:

Number of session:  15


Session durration: 2  hours

Age group:  (6 plus)

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The importance of speaking a second language is critical  when it comes to communication as the best tool  to guarantee a successful future for our children. Speaking as a tool, becomes specifically moe important to us when it comes to Farsi Language since our new generation of Iranian - American children are in an absolut  need to communicate with their parents and grandparents those who  are not as fluent in English as  their children.  

Speaking language for our new generation is the only way to create a communicational bridge between the generations and to keep our culture alive by passing it verbally to our children and hoping the process will continue going on. 

Our speaking classes are in three categories:  




We asses the students level before the registration to  determine which level they can be placed in.  

Our speaking classes are held as followed:


 Number of session:  15

Duration:   Sept9- Jan 13

 Session durration: 2  hours

Age group: (3- 5.5) - ( 5.5 Plus)

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At Borna, we approach writing as an emotional and academic activity because it involves students many senses.

Practicing and learning how to write is extremely beneficial to students. Writing is an intricate activity that requires a level of confidence and critical thinking.

In addition to advancing student's basic linguistic knowledge such as grammar and vocabulary, in our writing class, we highly focus on the improvement of  the students stratigic thinking.  

Our writing classes are held three categories:  





We asses the students level before the registration to determine which level they can be placed in.  

Our speaking classes are held as followed:


 Number of session:  15

Duration:   September 2- Jan 13

 Session durration: 2  hours

Age group:  ( 6 plus).    

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 Listening is important because it provides a great insight that can be very significant to those who have the desire of speaking Farsi as their second language.

 The development of the speaking skills would have been impossible without having listening skills.  listening skills  becomes more essential in some cultures such as Persian culture, which functions as a connected multi generational culture. At Borna, we believe that the listening skill is essentialy an important skills for our students to learn.  The reason falls beyond our undrestanding og close bounds these children have with their grandparents whoes main duty is to pass on cultural values  to the new generation through their words and stories.

We asses the students level before the registration to  determine which level they can be placed in.  

Our speaking classes are held as followed:

 Number of session:  15

Duration:   Jan 28- May 20

 Session durration: 2  hours

Age group: (3-5.5) - (5.5 Plus)

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Registration for

Fall classes
is now, open!

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School Orientation 

Come and join us on September 2nd- 2023 for our Fall and Spring school Orientation. 

 We are hoping that  this will be an  opportunity for returning and  upcoming parents, students, and staff to meet and gain insights about Borna's Fall classes while becoming familiarized with our school's environment.You will also provide you with the opportunity to enroll your child in your desired class. 

It was phenomenal, in the spring not far from Alaverdi, right in the wheat field a sea of
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Pre-school Fall 2024 Classes 

Hands on Projects:

 In this class, Pre[schoolers will learn language  language
 skills by engaging in various projects. 

 Farsi conversation:

In our pre- school level students will learn to speak Farsi by engaging a variety of game and  story telling    techniques. 

Musical adventure

In this class, our pre-schoolers become familiarized to various type of Persian Musical genres  as well as memorizing songs. The musical games are designed for them to improve their language skills.  

Outdoor exploration

Our outdoor activities are designed to provide students with a proactive learning experience through nature inspired games. 

School year:          23-24

Class type:             Group

Ange category:     3 years  old and above    

Course duration:   Sept 9- 2023- January 13 2024  

Time:                       10- 12    12:30 - 2:30

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 Farsi Classes
Reading- Speaking- Writing

 Music Classes
 Piano- Daf- Tomback- Tar- Gitar- sitar.

 Art Classes:
Drawing- Painting- Handicrafts- Acrylic.

 Dance Classes:
 Persian Dance 
All the workshops are designed to improve students
  Farsi  language.     

  Fall 2023- 2024 Programs

School year:          23-24

Class type:             Group

Ange category:     3 years  old and above    

Course duration:   Sept 9- 2023- January 13 2024  

Time:                       10- 12    12:30 - 2:30

Our Children, celebrating life, culture, and traditions while learning Farsi 


 Fall Programs 

A window to our online classes 

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online Stydents learniung aboput seasons
farsi classes

Our students showcasing their artistic skills

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