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Dance Workshops


Clssical Persian Dance 

Classical dance applies to a form that is to demonstrate balance, proportion, and controlled emotion. Classical dance implies a movement style that. I it could be said that restraint on emotional expression is not very "Persian".  Are dance classes are being thaught by experts and professional In each field.

At Borna dance workshops, we create a  safe, nonjudgmental, and comfortable environment for our students to exercise their confidence and express their emotion.  

Our dance workshops are open to both adults and younger students.  

since we believe dance is a social and group activity, we won't offer private dance session to individual candidates.  


Borna Dances

 Modern Persian Dance 

 There's an undeniable  joy in  dancing.   Our dance  class is an introduction to dancing to  classical and folk Persian dance. Dancing with will increases your mobility, awareness, confidence, and language development.

 Our professional dancing teachers will provide you with basic skills that would drag you to a world of beautiful movements and would benefit you for your entire life.  

While your creativity, rhythm, and balance is motivated by dancing , children can also Improve their Farsi language listening and learning skills in a fun  environment. 

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Physical activities not only plays an important role in improving different senses in children  and adults, it also helps them to discover their natural abilities.  


The benefits of theses classes are beyond the words. Dancing will stimulate  baby's brain and their visual abilities. it  helps them to focus, and more importantly will improve their listening skills, memories, and many more...


Borna's students in Action

Borna Fall Dance Classes 


Classical Dance 

In this workshop students will learn the fundamental of Iranian Traditional dance and will learn about Balance, Controlled emotion, and proportion. 

The duration of this workshop is 15 weeks. Students will meet once a week. 

The Course will end with a group performer of our students in front of their families.  the workshop are designed for two age groups.

Group one: 5-10 year old

Group two: 11- 18  


women in the eastern part of Gilan provinc 


In our folk dance workshop. students are focused on culture of dance in different part of Iran this dance is known as a. tribal dance, during a practice which each local culture make a statement and express their culture. the variety of dancing clothing and the deep meaning behind each movement is the beauty of the tribal dance.  in our workshop we select three types of folk dance and will teach the students the fundamental to that specific dance with some theory about the historian culture behind it. Adult and younger students are welcome to join us. 

Our Dance services 

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