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Story Writing Class

The power and joy of imagination  ...

Realx& Create


This class is divide in to two storytelling/writing classes. The first storytelling class is designed for individual students.  The second class is designed for parents and their kids.  It will be an energetic and dynamic environment, in which you and your child would be encouraged to get creative and communicate in a deeper level together through Arts.  We will provide you with the tools of effecting storytelling/writing as a better way to understand your children's mind. By taking this classes you will learn how to get engaged with your child's creative development and tell stories to your children in a different yet effective way that would engage their attention and imagination. We rest assure you that the outcome will surpass your expectations. Our storytelling class will bring your childhood memories back and creates new memories for your children. Please get in touch if you need more information. 

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Many untold stories are waiting to be told by you

This class is designed for individual students and students with their parents.  Students from various age groups who have a story to tell  or a desire for storytelling, are welcome. If you don't have a story to tell, just bring yourself and we will take you on a journey of discovery in order to find your story....there are so many untold stories that have been waiting to be discover and told by you .....

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