Painting Classes

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Pick from painting, drawing, collage Art, Wood carving, or knitting lessons.

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Art Classes for Kids

Classes are offered once a week.  

Age group: ( 3-7) - ( 8-15)

Kids' Paintings

Painting an Drawing 

drawing, painting. is a form of visual Arts that involves many senses in adults and children.  Painting like many other Art forms requires choice making and interpretation of the colors and visual Analysis. 

Painting and drawing develops problem solving skills in children and increases their confidence because as it was mentioned already, it requires decision making.  

Hand and eye coordination is another advantage for adults and student who are pursuing painting and drawing. 

Drawing provides the perfect opportunity for your very young child to learning understand  concepts such as  distance and size.

In addition to all the mentioned benefits, it's a fun, creative,  and engaging activity for all ages. the following age groups are welcome to join us in this creative journey. 

Age group: (3- 6)   Age group: (7- 11)    Age group: (11- 18)