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Reading provides students with a knowledge of variety of  concepts, sentences, grammar, and the  vocabulary used in those sentences.  While reading students face new words that it would not normally used in the daily peaking language.  Knowing these words for students is the key to a more ,meaningful self expiration in Farsi language, and for better understanding of their surrounding.

Our reading classes are in three categories of: 




 Before registering, we asses students language abilities to determine which level they should be placed in.  

Our speaking classes are held

as followed:

 Number of session:  10 

Number of weeks: 10 

     Session duration:  I hour 

Age group:( 3-7)- (8- 18)


At Borna, we approach writing as an emotional and academic activity because it involves students many senses.  Practicing and learning how to write is extremely beneficial to students. Writing is an intricate activity that requires a level of confidence and critical thinking. In addition to advancing student's basic linguistic knowledge, grammar, and vocabulary,  in our writing class, we highly focus on the improvement of  the students thinking strategy.  

Our writing classes are held three categories:  



We asses the students level before the registration to determine which level they can be placed in.  

Our speaking classes are held as followed:

 Number of session:  10 

Number of weeks: 10 

     Session duration:  I hour

Age group: (3-7)- (8-18)




The importance of speaking a second language is critical in when communication is the best tool in  to guarantee a successful future.  It will become specifically important  to us when it comes to Farsi Language as our new generation of Iranian - American children are in an absolutions need to communicate with their parents and grandparents that are not as fluent in English as  their children.  Speaking language for our new generation is the only way to create a communicational bridge between the generations and to keep our culture alive by passing it verbally to our children and hoping the process will continue going on. 

Our speaking classes are in three categories:  Basic- intermediate, and advanced level.   We asses the students level before the registration to  determine which level they can be placed in.  

Our speaking classes are held as followed: Number of session:  10 

Number of weeks: 10 

     Session duration:  I hour 

Age group: (3-7)- (8-m 18)


 Listening is important because it: ... provides a great insight that can be very significant our students who speak Farsi as they second language. 

 Development of the speaking skill would have been impossible without having listening skills. And  it becomes more important in some cultures such as Persian Culture that function as a connected multi generation culture. The listening skill, probably, is one of the most important skills for our students as they are in close contact t with their grandparents who through their words and stories pass on the history and culture.   to establish an emotional connection between family members, the listening skill will  become one of the most important skills among all.

We asses the students level before the registration to  determine which level they can be placed in.  

Our speaking classes are held as followed:

 Number of session:  10 

Number of weeks: 10 

     Session duration:  I hour

Different ways you can Join US

On-line Classes


Our online program offers variety of language classes, workshop, Arts classes, and cultural studies for children and adults. For children,  our online classes are designed to be fun. Since we have shifted our attention to the on-line learning phase of our education since the beginning of the pandemic, we have adopted and employed new teaching methods to make our classes engaging enough to ease the stress of remote- learning, which due to its unfamiliar nature is challenging. our main intention in our online classes is to help students to adjust without losing their interest in learning. Borna's online classes can be held in group or in private sessions.  

the classes are ongoing for 7 days a week. We work around your schedule.  if you have any concerns and or question feel free to get in touch bu clicking in the below bottom. 

In person-Classes




Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, all of our in- person classes have been suspended unit the further notice.   Borna is committed to the safety of students and their families. Borna will comply with the CDC- safety guidelines.  While we are very much looking forward to resume our in- person activities, we will continue offering online classes in various areas.  Please refer to our online classes page  to find out more about courses we offer. 

Private Tutoring 


Our private tutoring services, just like our other online services will be offered 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm. There are various reasons that some individual students are interested in private tutoring. These reasons could vary from a student to another student.  In our private tutoring session, we offer all of our language services, workshops, Art classes, and cultural services for seven days a week. The private tutoring will give us a chance to focus our attention more on individual needs. Upon registration and getting a sense of the student's commend of Farsi, we adopt a plan to satisfy that student's unique need so that they can overcome their weaknesses and improve their strength.  

 However, since we have a good grasp of our student's personalities whom have been with us during the past few years, we have come to realize that private classes are not necessarily beneficial to some students. Some students have a better learning progress and function better in a group. We recommend those students to choose  group learning to satisfy their social and communicational needs. But there are some students that will definitely benefit from private classes, particularly, if they are in the beginning of their second language learning  journey.  Sometimes, or the conflict in schedule with the group hours, will demand a need for private tutoring. That's why we suggest to consult with us before choosing a teaching method.  

Our Teaching resources 
Study Material At Borna

After years of teaching and having direct and practical experience with students who live in the United Stats of Amrica and who English is their first language, we've learned by experience that the study material that has been designed for students in Iran, does not satisfy the need of our students due to some cultural differences and the disadvantage of not having any social interaction in a  Farsi speaking environment,  As a result of this observation, we began conducting an in-depth research on our student's learning process and their responses to different content and study materials we used at the time.  After learning about their urgent need to having a study package that has been specifically designed for them, we started developing our own package or fair to say adopting what was already existed to to a new form that would satisfy our student's need and would help them to better connect with the study material. We are planing to publish our material in a near future after receiving the mandatory permissions.