Borna Cultural Activitis

Bilingual children and culture 

Understanding that Language is deeply rooted in culture and that they are intertwined, Borna Farsi school and cultural house has a close focused on its cultural activities because we have come to learn that interacting with Farsi language for our students, undeniably, means that they have to interact with the culture ,.  By learning Farsi as their second language, they are learning about Persian culture and grasbing it, unknowingly! 


Our students language learning goals would not be achieved and satisfied if they don't understand culture.  

Our cultural activities have been designed in away that students take a part and participate in pour cultural activities without being under the pressure of having to learn something.  


Persian Traditional Celebration at Borna

 Cultural services 


Persian Arts

   In our Persian Art class we will study the theory and roots of Iranian/ Persian Arts and will examine how it has changes and or influenced thought the years.   We will take students through on a digital journey ofArts tortuous  history on and will teach show them how Persian Art form  was created.   Age group: (12- 18)

Persian History

Persian history class covers the events and incident that have taken place since the beginning of Persian Empire to the modern Iran. This class will offer in a story telling format so that younger children can attend. This is designed to improve Students language skills

( listening- speaking- vocabulary)  while teaching them about the history.  Students will leave this class having learned a handful stories of  history.  ( 10- 18)

Iranian schoo,l 17th centuary- mutualart

Persian litrature

This class has been designed for adults who can speak farsi fluently or have the necessary command of Farsi language. In this class we will study HAFIZ ,  RUMI, and ATAR taught by masters in field. To hold this class, Borna needs  a minimum of three participants.   

Old Globe

Persian Geography

This class is in the process of resining and will not be offered for the next semester.   


Persian Culture 

The Persian Culture is one of the oldest culture and civilizations in the world.  Culture is a general concept that is made of various concepts including traditions, belief systems, clothing, religion, language, and many many more . This class is  theory based class.  We've employed various visual and practical  elements to make it fun and engaging.   


Persian music 

In this class, we focus on the history and the journey of Iranian traditional music as much as has been known. It is an educating and engaging class that is about the history the transformation of Persian/Iranian music throughout the history.  We will study different music genres and will listen to a lot of music. This class has been designed for adults over 18 years of age who are interested in music. 

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