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 In-Person private toturing services 

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Academic- Farsi Classes

Classes Will be offered twice a week on Fridays and Saturdays. our private tutoring Farsi classes will be h eld in at Borna school. 

Classes include:

A- Listening-    B- Reading

C- Writing        D-Speaking 

Bssed on their age, students are devided into different category and classes. We have a team of proffessional teachers to cover all of our groups. 

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     Arts Classes

 Art Classes will be held twice a week.  Fridays and Saturdays. Registeration for  Fridays are only request based. 


   Duration:   45 minutes to an hour

    Age group:      (4-14)


Classes include:  


     A- Drwing 

     B-  Painting 

     C-  Arclyic Painting


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    Workshops will be held one a week

     Duration :      45 minutes

     Age group:   ( 5- 9), ( 10-17)


     Workshops includes: 

    A- Dancing:  


    C- Music: Daf- Tonbak- Sitar- Piano 

    D- Story writing:     Basic language

        skills  is required. Age group: (9- 17) 


Private Tutoring registeration form

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Our tutoring teaching package is designed This teducational utoring package  is designed to satisfy each student's  ducational needs and goal.


 Please feel free to write and let us know about your educational goal and the expectations you mat have from us.


We will make sure to design a plan that suits your situation.

 Our Classes will be held on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Please reach out for more information. 

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