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Our tutoring teaching package are designed specific two each student. if another word , the education  package you will receive from us, is designed based on your educational needs and your goal.  Please feel free to write and let us know about your educational goal and expectations from us. will make sure to design a plan that suits your desire.   Classes will be held from 9 am to 9 pm from Monday to Sunday. 

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Private Tutorinb


Tutoring Services 


     Arts Classes

    Art Classes will be held one a week

    Duration:          45 minutes to an hour 

    Age group:        (5- 9), ( 10-17)


Classes include:  


     A- Collage 

     B- Drawing& Painting 

     C-  Woodcarving:

     D- Professional Knitting 


Academic- Farsi Classes

Classes Will be offered 7 days


a week from 8- am- 8p

e offer variety of Online classes


A- Listening-    B- Reading

C- Writing        D-Speaking 


    Cultural Studies  

All class will be held one a week.


Duration:    45 minutes ( 9-18)

Age group:  (5-9), (10-17)


 A- Persian History      

 B- Geography

 C- Literature.             (16&plus)        

 D-Cultural studies 



    Workshops will be held one a week

     Duration :      45 minutes

     Age group:   ( 5- 9), ( 10-17)


     Workshops includes: 

    A- Dancing:  


    C- Music industry  

    D- Story writing:     Basic language

        skills  is required. Age group: (9- 17)