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Writing by the Water

Singing is the best of the best form of art forms when it comes to self expression.   It's a way for students to speak out their hearth in public even though they might not to be social, necessary....in This is we ..

In this workshop students will work with various Persian musical instrument and by the end of the workshop they will be able to play one or two instruments depending to their interest to subject matter.  the class will be taught by professional musician.  in this semester there are there instruments as followed:   Tonbak, DAF, SUTAR 

Classical dance applies to a form that is to demonstrate balance, proportion, and controlled emotion. Classical dance implies a movement style that. I it could be said that restraint on emotional expression is not very "Persian".  Are dance classes are being thaught by experts and professional In each field.

na dance workshops, we create a  safe, nonjudgmental, and comfortable environment for our students to exercise their confidence and express their emotion.  

our dance workshops are open to both adults and younger students......  

This is an energetic and dynamic environment , in which you and your child would will be encouraged to get creative and communicate in a deeper level together through Arts.  We will provide you with the tools of effecting storytelling. By this classes you will learn how to read books for and tell stories to your children in a different yet effective way that would engage their attention and imagination. We rest assure you that the outcome will surpass your expectations. Our storytelling class which involves Persian Traditional stories as well as modern stories .  We also will  pay a close attention to the art of creative storytelling by using games and telling imaginary stories......

Child Star

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You will be able to register for the workshop you are interested in as an individual or as a group.  The workshops will be held with a minimum of one attendant to the maximum number of four attendance for each workshop. This is to make sure that each individual will receive the unique attention they deserve.

To discuss the price of each workshop please contact us by filling out the following form.   Let us know if you have any background knowledge for the workshops you are planning to attend.  

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