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A Window to Our Workshops 






Music Instruments 

For the Fall semester, Borna offers four music workshops of various Persian musical instruments. These instruments are as followed: Daf- Tonback- Sitar, and Piano, and Guitar.

Students  have a choice to take one music class or register for star as many as they wish depending to their passion for the subject matter.   These classes will be taught by professional musicians.  For more information on the subject,  please check our music page or simply scroll down this page to register. 




To learn more about our dancing classes, please click on the link below and see the details about the offered singing sessions for the spring semester.  You will be able to register for the singing  workshop as an individual or in a group.


The workshops will be held with a minimum of  three  to  maximum number of 6  attendance for each workshop. This is to make sure that each individual will receive the unique attention they deserve. 

Any further information needed, please contact us by filling out the following form.   Let us know if you have any background knowledge for the workshops you are planning to attend.  

To register simply scroll down and fill out  the registration form.



 There's an undeniable  joy in  dancing.   Our dance  classes are  an introduction to dancing to  classical and folk Persian dances. Dancing with will increases your mobility, awareness, confidence, and language development.

 Our professional dancing teachers will provide you with basic skills that would drag you to a world of beautiful movements and would benefit you for your entire life.  

While your creativity, rhythm, and balance is motivated by dancing , children can also Improve their Farsi language listening and learning skills in a fun  environment. ​


Story writing


This is an energetic and dynamic environment, in which your child will be encouraged to get creative and  to express him or herself through writing.   Developing and writing a  story is the best way to get children interested in writing in Frasi.  If you decide to attend this class with your child,  we will provide you with the tools of effecting storytelling as a communicational bridge between you and your child.  By taking this classes you will learn how to read books for  your child objectively, and how to tell stories to to them in a different yet effective way that would engage their attention and imagination. We rest assure you that the outcome will surpass your expectations. Our storytelling class  involves Traditional Persian stories as well as modern stories . 

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