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Stay in touch!  Feel free to share your thoughts , ask questions, let's discuss our observations of your children progress, discuss your educational goal for your child and let us help you to achieve it, or simply let us know how we are doing.   


Borna Gives Back

Let us know how we  can help.  If you find it hard to register your child due to experiancing some difficulties, please reach out.  We would like to keep our children in school. 

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They say, the credit goes where it’s due. We acknowledge that our existence as a language and cultural center would have not been possible without your desire of connecting your children to their origin and the trust you put in us.  

Your ongoing participation in our any events in many different forms whether it has been by dedicating your time , your expertise, providing with books, helping us to make a library for children, and many other two kindness has made a huge difference in our development.

In fact, you allowed us to exist and to grew for that we would like to thank you, sincerely.

Your kind support of donation to our school ,  will help us to  only t survive but to grow. 

  Please fill out the form and let us us know how you can contribute.  Your contribution is greatly appreciated.  For your donation and  support, you will receive a letter from our school acknowledging your donation.

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