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We Teach Farsi

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Our Mission 

Providing our students with the mandatory cultural and language skills and encouraging them to better understand, respect and embrace their cultural back ground is our primary mission at Borna’s Farsi school and cultural center.

At Borna, we seek a high quality education from an objective perspective. We provide our students with an objectively high education and maintain an emotionally and physically safe, nurturing, and optimum educational environment to guarantee their safety and success.


Our mission as an educational center is to inspire the passion for learning the Farsi language and all unique cultural aspects associated with this language.

Our program is designed to encourage and motivate Iranian American Children to embrace their cultural background and to make positive contributions to our world, in general, and to our Persian culture in specific by keeping it alive.

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Our Vision 

We strongly believe that providing our students with  language skills can be a bridge to our rich and colorful Persian culture.

Teaching our students and motivating them to learn Farsi in the most compelling and powerfully irresistible way is our school’s primary aim.

While focusing on general educational goals in our school, we aim to cultivate the unique potential in each student by identifying and focusing on each student’s individual unique passion embracing their unique learning goals.

We achieve this goal and attract our student’s attention to learning by using an engaging in a unique teaching method that has been developed and designed throughout the years of experience with Iranian American children.


Our ultimate desire at Borna Farsi school is to encourage curiosity and train a generation of critical thinkers and creative learners who use their initiative, imagination, and common sense to succeed.

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Our Teaching Approach 

Our teaching method is based on the educational technology as the most effective and engaging method in the teaching and learning process.


In order to support student’s daily communicational needs and to ensure a great consistency in a high quality education, we constantly advance and improve our Curriculum to make sure that it satisfies individuals learning needs.    


Our Curriculum is designed to advance student’s grasp and understanding of various educational and cultural topics in Farsi. We achieve this  through Arts and educational technology as a learning tool.


To improve our effectiveness, we have gathered together a team of teachers and staff who have been carefully selected and trained to interact with students in a productive and positive way that supports Borna’s Vision.



Our Approach to Parents

Parents play an incredibly important role in their student's educational achievement throughout their life.  

Communicating their children's unique abilities, weaknesses, strength, and sensitivities is one of the most important parent's role to insure their children success at school.


 At Borna, we believe that are only commitment is not only to provide your child with language skills and or cultural knowledge.   We are deeply passionate about transparency an honest communication with families because we believe with this collaboration we  satisfy our commitment, which is training a generation of children and young students  who benefit the high level of self confidence overcoming life challenges ahead.   Teachers and parents play an important role in raising or taking away the children's confidence away from them.


Borna's executives, strongly believe that a healthy and transparent communication, which only happens by sharing opinions and offering and receiving feedbacks regarding the students condition and the challenges he or she faces at school and or at home, is the key to their success.   We encourage our and welcome parents to stay in touch in school so that we can, together, guarantee a brighter future for our children. 

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Azam Nasehpour


Born and raised in Tehran, Azam completed her higher education in Educational Technology. She began her educational activities focusing on early education, particularly, first graders. As a passionate educator, she worked over 20 years to adopt new and yet simple methods in using technology in education for both Parents and children. 


With the intention of raising the public awareness of this new born field in Iran, she held various educational workshops for teachers and parents to demonstrate how using technology in education could have an impact on the learning process and that how it could lead to a higher quality of life in general, and education in specific.


After immigrating to the United States, she expanded her activities and invented new methods that would apply to Bilingual Farsi- English student's speakers  who had different educational needs than those in Iran. Having no doubts about the parent's essential role in maintaining a mentally, physically, and emotionally environment for their children's well being, and becoming aware of the necessity of the existence of an appropriate, healthy, and effective communication between parents and their children  she began doing an extensive research on how to create this bridge.


After a year, of hard work and research,  she finally achieved her goal by developing an engaging method that has been carefully designed and will be used in her new MOMMY and ME classes.   To pass on her years of experiences to the younger and new generation including parents, teachers, and her students who she compassionately loves.  

Observing the reaction, needs, and the learning process among bilingual students who were learning Farsi as their second language and comparing it with the same age category students who  live in Iran where Farsi is the first spoken language, Azam soon realized  that to satisfy her bilingual students needs, there has to be a change in their teaching material in addition to the teaching method she had already developed.  As a result, in order to increase the chances of a higher quality education for her Bilingual students, Azam began developing new materials includug a new book  that she is in the final stage of completion.

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Dalileh Alaei 


Years ago in an underserved city of Banneh in Kurdistan side of Iran, an innocent discussion between a father and his young daughter who after the first chemistry class in high school knew that she had found her true passion but could not explore it any further due to the lack of a chemistry laboratory in the area resulted to a bigger movement that benefited all students in the area. That girl was Dalilah.


After two years of hard work and fighting against all the odds and limitations, Dalila’s father was able to establish the first chemistry labs and later on Labs for all the talented yet underserved students in the city of Baneh. That day she promised her father that she would dedicate her life to chemistry and humanity. 


Dalilah’s dream of pursuing her dream of teaching finally came true when she received her Baccalaureate degree in chemistry.   As promised to her father, she began her career by teaching chemistry to underserved high school students in different parts of Kurdistan for over 12 years, during which she developed a reputation among colleagues and students for her rare ability of making complex subjects pleasant and simple enough for students to comprehend. This rare ability followed her all the way to a different part of the world.

In 2005, she immigrated to the United States Where she received her bachelors's degree in Chemistry. After receiving her degree, she refocused her passion for learning to a passion for teaching and began teaching in various universities in the Bay Area. She soon realized that her love for teaching was rooted, not in the mere mechanics of memorization, but in the love of the learning process and problem solving at its most basic level.

Dalileh expanded her passion for teaching to include early childhood education when she moved to the United States where she became involved in teaching at the primary education level in several Bay Area Farsi schools. Since that time, she has also spent time working within the public school system. Dalileh’s enthusiasm for learning and her desire for academic excellence has prompted her to return to the halls of academia to pursue a Master’s degree in Chemistry with a new cultural perspective and in a new language.

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