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8 Tips to Help Your Child Focus and Stay Engaged During Distance Learning

"By Linda Carling, Ed.D.

Dr. Linda Carling is an Associate Research Scientist at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education Center for Technology in Education. She specializes in learning engagement and design and is a parent of a child with a disability.


As schools are faced with the challenge of providing learning opportunities for all students at a distance, parents are called on to be more involved than ever before, particularly for their younger learners and those with learning challenges and disabilities. Maintaining high levels of engagement can be challenging even for savvy adult learners.

How do we best help our kids make the most of these distance learning experiences?"

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The Importance of Bilingualism in early Childhood Education 

"If communication and language development is such a critical part of a learning foundation, then many have considered expanding that learning base by adding additional languages. Bilingual education – the act of learning two or more languages simultaneously – is growing in popularity across the globe in recent decades because of this theory..." READ MORE

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Attending  our parent workshop:
  • You will be able to recognize your children's learning process abilities will be provided with appropriate tools and skills to use those abilities in their benefits .
  • Will also be provided you with some long lasting practical educational and behavioral knowledge and skills that will encourage a learning desire in your children.
  • You will learn how to provide a meaningful situation that would create an immediate learning desire.
  • You will know how to be enthusiastic and involved in teaching your children without actually spending any additional time and or efforts.

    What Is Parents Workshop Focused On?

In this workshop, we will offer a set of practical teaching skills and will teach you how to teach and communicate with your children.  We strongly believe that you are your child’s first and most influential  teacher!  Our attention is focused on specialized artistic exercises and activities that has an incredible effect on your child's brain development during the early stages of growth. 

    After years of working with Children and teaching them Farsi as a second language, we have come to realize that to in order to advance and or create a passion for learning Farsi or any other subjects and in order to overcome the resistance and the lack of interest they show in the beginning,  we have to start with parents, first.

We have also learned that forcing children to speak Farsi without getting them first motivated,  will only discourage them further.  

In parents workshop, we will cover a variety of subjects that is related to children's learning process.  Their approach to learning Farsi and their passion for it, which is a necessity  for their connection to the study material,  is directly resulted of their parents wrong or right approach.


 Fortunately, there rare behavioral technics that would assist us to make their language learning journey smooth and a joyful trip for them. 

  We will guide you on to recognize the learning process abilities in your child, how to judge your child's mood when it comes to learning a second language, We will talk about the importance of how providing a meaningful situation would create an immediate need and  a desire in them to want and choose to speak Farsi without involving parents direct efforts.  We teach you how to be enthusiastic and involved in teaching them without actually spending any additional time and or efforts.   We will teach you how to get advantage of your child's personality and interest to encourage and achiebve their educational and learning goals.


 You will leave our workshop knowing how to connect with your children in an engaging and encouraging way that would benefit their educational goAL in long term term.  We will offer additional time to parents to discuss their children's ​unique learning abilities, their strength, and or their challenges with us.  Their educational challenges can be overcome with a write approach. 

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Why Bilingual Students Have a Cognitive Advantage for Learning to Read

"To fully grasp the benefits, it’s important to understand what we’re talking about when we say “bilingual.” The definition of bilingual is a person fluent in two or more languages. From there, bilinguals can fall into two categories: simultaneous and sequential. Simultaneous bilinguals begin learning two languages from birth or before age three, and sequential bilinguals learn a second language later on. Both subsets suffer from the misunderstanding that knowing two languages makes learning to read difficult..." READ MORE



"Growing up as the child of parents who immigrated to the United States can be a challenging experience. Parents often put intense pressure on their children to succeed in the United States, which many see as a land of opportunity compared to the country they left behind. Those same parents may know only fragmentary English while their offspring quickly become fluent, forcing the children to take on grown-up responsibilities when the parents need to interact with the world outside the family..."  READ MORE



"Are the benefits of bilingual education worth it? Is sending your child to a bilingual school going to pay off in the end? Choosing where to send them to school is a big decision. 

Your child’s education whether it be monolingual or bilingual, is one of the most important things you will have to consider during their lives. So when making this decision there are many things to consider.

There are many advantages of bilingual education. If your child is bilingual when they are ready to start kindergarten or school, learning in a bilingual school can reinforce their language....."  READ MORE

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