Colorful knitting 

Knitting for children is an fun an creative Art form as it eases anxious or self-conscious children by presenting them a way they can cope with stress.


In addition to the creativity they have to use to choose the color and joy the working with colorful colors brings to them, 

Knitting is also helps with focus and concentration. Students will learn how to see a project through from the beginning to the end.  It will become rewarding when they get to use the production of they hard work that they had fun doing it.   while it helps with children's physical skills.   From the outset, children don't see knitting as a challenge, but as a game. They're ready not just to learn, but also to have fun with this activity

We believe the best age for children learn to knitting is around age  7 to 8 year old.   But based on the passion this age can vary from a child to another. 

Younger adults are also welcome to join us for a fun and creative  experience 

This class welcomes students in the followed age group: 

Group age:   7- 18

Colorful Knitting

Knitting Art Class

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Pick from painting, drawing, collage Art, Wood carving, or knitting lessons.


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