Farsi School

Our curriculum is designed to advance student’s grasp and understanding of various educational and cultural topics in Farsi through Arts and educational technology as a learning tool.


Our language instruction is divided into three different categories, which includes: 
Basic, Elementary, and Advanced level in speaking writing and reading.  We offer various classes in Farsi, Music, Dance, Storytelling, painting and theater, and science….


In order to improve our effectiveness, we have gathered together a team of teachers and staff who have been carefully selected and trained to interact with students in a productive and positive way that supports Borna’s mission.

In our school, each student is treated as an individual and is expected to succeed within the bound of their abilities. We think out of the box and define and major success based on the student’s educational goals, capabilities and abilities. To achieve this goal, we discuss and communicate our student’s educational goals with parents. 


Our ultimate desire at Borna Cultural House is to encourage curiosity and train a generation of critical thinkers and creative learners who use their initiative, imagination, and common sense to succeed.

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Borna Cultural House is a nonprofit,
non-political and non-religious
educational organization located in downtown Walnut Creek.

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Phone: +1 (925) 344 - 3038

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