Collage Art 

  In this class students  practice a simple craft activity will work with  attaching various items such as leaves,  pieces of paper, photographs, fabric to to arrange it on to a surface such as paper or sheet in order to  create an Art form that is named College.  The Art of College is, specifically, important  and fundamental Art work for children as it advance and improves their creative problem-solving skills as well as motor skills.  


Children will also get a good sense of color and texture

 Arts subjects , in general, encourage  and builds confidence, self-expression and creativity. Our College Art class has been designed for children age group as followed:

Group one: age 3- 7 year old

Group two:  Age group 7- 13 

All classes will be held On-line.  Borna complies with CDC guideline. 

Collage Art Classes

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Pick from painting, drawing, collage Art, Wood carving, or knitting lessons.


The Best Collage Class 

 for Kids

This class is offered one a week 

Age group:  (3-6)- (6-12)