Borna Farsi School is a fun and loving environment where children come together to learn about the rich Persian language (Farsi) and culture, hear the music and melodies of Iran. At Borna our children will be surrounded by books, and interact with other Iranian American children within their age group. Classes are designed for children who are being raised in the United States by Iranian and/or foreign parents. We have adopted a hybrid of progressive teaching philosophies and methodologies in early childhood education to introduce the Persian culture and language in a fun, creative and stimulating way.

The children learn Persian vocabulary and different aspects of the culture through discovery, music, play and storytelling. The themes for classes are inspired by Persian folklore and expressions. Activities and material used in classes are chosen carefully for each age group, and will include books, puppets, percussion instruments, colored fabrics, and various types of musical instruments. Our classes are student-centered, and the freedom within our fun and friendly structure encourages the children’s creativity and self-expression.

The music sessions will include singing activities, musical games, movement, storytelling, role playing and instrument exploration. By engaging children in musical games and singing activities they will be able to improve and enhance their Farsi vocabulary while having a fun musical time.

The arts and crafts sessions of the class use familiar notions such as colors, animals, family, and body parts inspired by Persian folklore and expressions to introduce different aspects of the Persian culture. The games address developmental stages of children by encouraging their creative, physical and vocal participation.

For the older age groups, Persian alphabets will be introduced at each session and part of each class will be dedicated to reading and writing in Farsi. Borna offers various workshops for children, young adults and adults every semester. To read more on the workshops please visit our Registration and Calendar page.

خانه فرهنگ برنا در شمال کالیفرنیا ، در شهر والنات کریک با هدف آموزش زبان و فرهنگ فارسی با روش های  جدید آموزشی و توسط  متخصصان  آموزش افراد دو زبانه  و با تجربه تدریس در ایران و آمریکا تاسیس گردیده است. هدف ما در بُرنا تدریس زبان و فرهنگ فارسی به بچه های نسل جدید در خارج از کشور می باشد